Team Members

Real estate is very complex today and for the best results it is most productive to work with a team. This way each team member can do what he does best and together they will give the client the kind of service they they need and desire from their real estate experience.

David Blasco - Realtor

David has experience with both residential and commercial real estate. He is the leader of the team and he is the key person who will lead you through your real estate experience. He and his wife have twelve children.

Elizabeth Taylor - Finance & Grant Coordinator

Elizabeth has many years of experience in the banking industry and she knows what lenders are looking for in a person so they can qualify for a mortgage. She is the one in our office who helps our clients get ready to qualify for financing. If you are hoping to buy a home someday and do not know if you will qualify for financing or need help improving your credit so you can qualify, she is the one to go to. She will work with you as long as it takes until you are ready to purchase that home you always dreamed of owing. She also is the person who can help you apply to receive grants up to $15,000 toward the down payment and closing costs on your new home.

Valeria Blasco - Business Coordinator

Valeria is the one who handles the business operations for the team. She has ten years of experience in banking. She is also a do-it-yourselfer who has personally fixed up property and sold it for a profit.

John Blasco - Media Coordinator

John is the webmaster for the website. He is a techie type who built his own computer for duplicating mass quantities of CDs. He is active in sports and has lettered in track, wrestling and basketball in high school.